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Digital Gypsy

The long and winding road of my life as an artist, musician and seeker has led me back to my truest path as a brand creator.

Music. The Healing Arts. Marketing. Astrology. Graphic Design. Child Therapy. Yoga. Life Coaching. Sales. Performance. Teaching. My training in all of these areas has culminated in a fluid way to support the work I now do on behalf of other creatives and healers.

My wayfaring lifestyle enables me to work with clients from all over the world. Traveling from place to place (mostly throughout North America) keeps my eyes fresh and my heart open. What shows up through this lens of child-like curiosity amazes even me. On the most visual level, it manifests beauty, wisdom and light that only art can bring. In the invisible realms, it serves to uplevel our consciousness and move us forward as a humanity. That is my passion and the highest purpose of my work.

My passions and professional training:

  • Digital Art & Design
  • Music & Songwriting
  • Masters in Music History and Literature
  • Meditation and Yoga  (Yoga Alliance Certified)
  • Energy healing (certified reiki practitioner)
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Teaching (adjunct professor, EGCC)
  • Life Coach / Therapist
  • Workshop Facilitator
Veronica Chordas

brand creator | Web deigner

I am privileged to work with true lights from around the world...

What's in a name?


I am unceasingly awed by the wonder in this world. I love to travel far and wide, meander into new spaces, and meet smiling faces. Every bit of this informs my art and is integral to my design work. It keeps my inspiration ever fresh, fun, lusty. That passion extends to learning about my clients’ dreams and goals. I seem to attract other creatives, conscious entrepreneurs and lightworkers — those who also enjoy the journey, not just the destination. ​


Every website I design is bespoke, like a Sgt. Pepper jacket. No set templates here with boring copy blocks and stock images. Each one is tailor made to fit my client’s needs and whimsies. All details are thought through to optimally convey information and encourage interaction. I take this same customized approach with logos, print design and other client deliverables. Each end result is vastly different. Check out my portfolio; you’ll see what I mean.


As much as I love drawing artistic inspiration by observing the world–from nature, and rhythm, and beauty, and imagination, and intuitive sparks–it all has to flow together in a way that is functional. Nothing excites me more than creating design that is both practical and magic. It wows, and it works. Like onomatopoeia, where the word itself is the sound (think ping, swoosh, tweet), my designs embody the essence of a brand and leaves the world a little more enchanting, while reeling in results.

Powerful Partnership

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This powerful match-up of hosting and tech support combined with branding and design provides our clients with all they need for a masterful, functional website.

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