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Visual Delicacy


Creating Alchemy

Writer, poet, journalist, copy-writer, author coach, and “word provocateur”, Gina’s old website–while informative–did not visually convey all Gina has to offer. Not only is she a gifted journalist and writer, she shares her knowledge of the industry with other aspiring writers through her coaching services. She often says this is not unlike spiritual/life coaching.

Seeds of Inspiration

Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach, Tigrilla Gardenia helps multipotentialites, creatives, and naturepreneurs gain confidence to make an impact for themselves and the planet. The power and color of her website is indicative of her strong leadership and connection with the plant world.

Building an Empire


Embracing the Wild


Calling the Heavens

Whether communicating or healing, Amy Rinaldi channels her connection with Angels to help others deal with emotional, physical or psychological pain. Her site is airy and inviting, welcoming visitors and guiding them to connect with Amy, and their Angelic Guides.

Divinely Magical

Shama Viola, has immersed herself in the wonder, creativity and complexity of the spiritual journey. Shama enjoys no greater pleasure than that of sharing all that she’s lived and learned, and finds great reward in seeing her students bloom. Her website is a unique reflection of her, a truly unique individual, the site is decorated with Shama’s own artwork.

Free meditation

Each of the featured projects began with the personal branding process Reflections of You in order to create a truly unique website. Take the first step of the branding journey for free! 
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