my work

Take a dip inside my wonder|world and explore some of my recent client creations.

Creating Digital Alchemy

Writer, poet, journalist, copy-writer, author coach, and “word provocateur”, Gina’s old website–while informative–did not visually convey all Gina has to offer. Not only is she a gifted journalist and writer, she shares her knowledge of the industry with other aspiring writers through her coaching services. She often says this is not unlike spiritual/life coaching.

Colorful & Fun

Capturing Cathi’s colorful personality was the goal for her branding. The logo appears in all colors of the rainbow on her website and every picture is vibrant and inviting. A short welcome video invites users to her unique and playful website and entices them to have fun and travel!

Truly Unique in Every Way

Too Hard to Swallow is a journey into one man’s mind… The podcast/personal journal based in Las Vegas takes listeners through stories and sound journeys, much like old radio shows. The writer and star of the series, Mark Adams, wanted a unique website to host the off-the-wall production as well as be a stand-alone commentary on society. 

Tranquil & Beautiful

MTA’s beautiful therapy rooms speak for themselves. The website captures the serene, earthy environment with custom photos and videos. The visitor can take a virtual tour, surrounded by the sounds of the therapy rooms and contact their therapist for an appointment. Branding not only reflects the facility, but the owner as well. Cathleen exudes a quiet strength and beauty, which we strived to captured on her site.