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Veronica Chordas, Purpose Driven Branding
Veronica Chordas

Brand Creator & Owner, Wonderlust custom|design  

I get it, branding is a huge undertaking. I've got you! ... and personally helped dozens of clients develop a genuine, heart felt Signature Brand. I am here to guide you step of the way through the process, to ensure all pieces fit and resonate with you - and your ideal audience.

I am very passionate about helping creatives and healers across the globe in discovering their Signature Brand. I love being the support and guide in the journey to purpose. Reflecting your vision, personality and energy signature in an aligned brand will elevate your vibration, your work and your business. 

Every time you sit down to work, your brand is at your side.

If you are working without a brand or one that you’ve outgrown, it feels a lot like those pair of jeans you only wear when there is nothing left in your closet. You groan a little knowing you have no other option… and are even slightly embarrassed by how unflattering they really are. You can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is, and you’ve put off doing anything about it. After all, they cover the basics (I mean, you aren’t naked!) and you have other things to worry about. But it is always there, nagging you—uncomfortable—the tugging and pulling is a constant reminder they just…



I get it! (Really, I do). After all, you are a creative person and you have no issue creating the materials you need to run your business. Why is a brand any different? In my experience, the creative person actually struggles the most with finding their brand… Myself included! Branding for Wonderlust was actually quite difficult for me, personally—I was overwhelmed with ideas, colors, looks and distractions. I always have a much easier time seeing someone else’s brand than I did my own …and every time I was drawn to a brand I liked, I tried to imitate it. I grew frustrated… I mean—this is what I DO!

I realized instead of looking inward, at my own reflection, I was looking outward.

I needed to slow down, focus on MY vision and really clarify what I wanted to communicate to my audience. So… I meditated on it. Literally. 🕉️ 🧘🏼‍♀️

These struggles were a blessing in disguise, and it was through my own process of






I developed a way to really hone in on a brand that resonates!

A Signature Brand is really a reflection of your best self. It is who you aspire to be — and that person exists in you now!

Working with me, you will complete a series of exercises designed to pull out the confident-vision-in-place-sure-of-where-you-are-going-entrepreneur that lives inside you; AND you will walk away with a brand strategy in hand that truly reflects you and your business personality.

Here's the breakdown:

👉🏼 this whole process is done individually so you get my undivided attention!

You also get the peace of mind that comes with throwing out those uncomfortable jeans!


Sound good?
Feeling a bit of relief already? Great!

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Veronica Chordas, Purpose Driven Branding

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