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Seeds of Inspiration

Tigrilla Gardenia

Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach, Tigrilla Gardenia helps multipotentialites, creatives, and naturepreneurs gain confidence to make an impact for themselves and the planet. The power and color of her brand and website is indicative of her strong leadership and connection with the plant world.

Tigrilla Gardenia, Nature-Inspired Mentor and Leadership Coach, needed a brand that not only reflected her deep connection with nature, but also highlighted her unique personality, as well as her unique approach to working with clients.

Much like the vines that circle her logo, Tigrilla’s website and community, hosted on Mighty Networks, interweave to create Tigrilla’s online ecosystem. 

Tigrilla’s main logo is more intricate than current logo trends, and each piece holds a specific meaning within the her ecosystem. Out of this main logo, evolved an entire “logo-ecosystem” for each of her powerful offerings. 

Project Images

"Inspiring! Veronica captured my essence and that of my entire online presence beautifully. Thanks to her work, I have a clear and consistent visual representation everywhere I go plus the necessary information to support the expansion of who I am and what I offer."

My Contributions
  • Website Design: WordPress using Hello Theme and Elementor design system; Integration of Acuity and  Mighty Networks
  • Animation/Short Video Production: description
  • Social Media Design: Social Media Announcements and Header Design; Profile Images; Testimonials
  • Copywriting: Light copywriting support, working closely with copywriter
  • Logo design: Main Logos, plus a logo ecosystem for each offering. 
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