Free Meditation

Connect and
discover your purpose

Receive clarity on your vision and purpose for your business by connecting with your heart center in this free meditation. 


Grab your journal, favorite writing utensil and headphones.

Find a Quiet Space

Find a space where you can be uninterrupted. Turn off notifications on your devices.

Listen to Video

Settle in and push PLAY. Headphones are recommended for the best experience.

Keep Writing

Follow the prompts in the recording. Keep writing until the music stops.



Go For a walk

Do something physical, preferably outside. Go for a hike or do some yoga. This will move the energy around and begin the integration process. Sit for a bit and allow the brain to absorb your heart's words.

Revisit Your Purpose Writing

When you are ready–could be the next day, or even the next week–go back to what you wrote. Make notes, highlight any specific pieces that speak to your purpose. If you are a visual person you may want to draw, make a chart or a mind map.

Perform a Brand Audit

This sounds more complicated than it is... Simply put, assess your current brand, website and social media. Does it reflect your vision in your Purpose Writing? If it does–great! Keep going. If it feels off, it may be time for a rebrand.

Purpose Meditation

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