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truly unique in every way

Truly Unique in Every Way

Too Hard to Swallow is a journey into one man’s mind… The podcast/personal journal based in Las Vegas takes listeners through stories and sound journeys, much like old radio shows. The writer and star of the series, Mark Adams, wanted a unique website to host the off-the-wall production as well as be a stand-alone commentary on society. 

The design mimics a newspaper and includes full articles and an advice column. Also included is a page designated for listening to the podcast and Mark’s soon-to-come audio blog. It was and continues to be a fun project, with lots of opportunity for creativity. 

Project Images

You rock, kiddo.

Mark Adams
My Contributions
  • Website Design: WordPress using Hello Theme and Elementor design system; Integration of Libsyn Podcast site
  • Animation/Short Video Production: Utilized on website as well as social media
  • Social Media Design: Posts and other content for Facebook and Twitter
  • Copywriting: Majority of content on website, as well as copy for social media posts
  • Blogging: Authored the article “It’s All Bach’s Fault” for website ‘newspaper’
  • Logo design: Two primary versions of logo, main mark for podcast; secondary mark for header on website and social media.
  • Character Illustration: Dr.Daddy and Mother Earth, the stars of the podcast, along with various other main characters.
Project Videos