Are you Website-Ready?

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What does it mean to be website-ready?

One of the biggest mistakes I see as a web designer is the entrepreneur or business owner that takes the plunge into a website build before too soon in their business journey. How do you know if you and your business are website-ready?

MYTH: THE MAGIC PILL : “Once I have a killer website, people will flock to it and my business will boom.”

There is a myth surrounding websites… I call it the The Magic Pill delusion. This is the (common) misconception that a website will magically fix all marketing plan woes, and the business owner can hide behind the site and let it work for them.

This is categorically untrue.

A great website will enhance your existing marketing plan, not replace it. Think of your website like your home—people will come visit if you invite them. (Likely, someone knocking on your door that is uninvited is not someone you want entering your home, anyway.)

SO-you need to decide WHO to invite, HOW to invite them, and be clear to them WHY they should want to visit! (This is starting to sound like a party—it can be! 😆)


  1. Clarity:
    • You must be crystal clear on your business plan. What is your vision? What is your mission? What are you offering? Who are you offering it to? What benefits do they get from your offer? What sets you apart from other offers? and … most importantly… WHY? Why are you offering?
  2. Goal of Website:
    • What do you want a visitor to do once they find your website? What is the overall ‘Call to Action’? (There can be more than one, but there needs to be at least one.)
  3. Brand:
    • Branding is key on a website. So much more than a logo, proper branding determines the overall look and feel of a website. Images, copy, typography, tone… etc.

A good branding process takes into account everything in step one and creates a reflection of you and your business in order for your audience to connect with you… which, in turn, creates trust and the desire to buy from you.


If you are really clear on PURPOSE your vision, goals and brand fall into place. Having a solid foundation makes the branding process a breeze— oh and that website you wanted? It almost builds itself!

Brand Pyramid website-ready

Don’t get lost in the bottom of the pyramid.

After working with several clients lost in the maze of the pyramid, I devised a program Reflections of You to help clarify and hone in on all those foundational questions… and move established business into the position of “website-ready.”

We work on VISION, your BIG WHY and we find your IKIGAI (a Japanese term for “reason for being”). We also dive into your CLIENT AVATAR, Brand ARCHETYPE and PERSONALITY.

All of these pieces not only provide clarity for Brand Strategy (the bottom of the pyramid), they also are valuable information for your journey, both professionally and personally.

One participant said, “I Loved how well the information was presented, transitions were smooth and concepts were easy to follow. I especially love the added value of (Veronica’s) super power ability to connect to the brand, to see the person behind the brand, and offer valuable insights on self imposed restraints that if left unresolved, may have the potential to stunt the growth of our business. Lots of power in that…”


Try a free exercise from my Branding Program Reflections of You and take the first—most imperative—step to having a truly engaging website, that WILL boost your business while you sleep. 😊

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