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Writer, poet, journalist, copy-writer, author coach, and “word provocateur,” Gina Mazza is not only a gifted writer, she also shares her knowledge of the industry with other aspiring writers through her coaching services.

Gina’s process is not unlike spiritual/life coaching, as she ushers other writers through the complicated map of storytelling, editing, getting published and promoting. Truly an alchemist, Gina combines all of her knowledge, spiritual wisdom and experience as she navigates her array of services and creative output.

Time For a Re-Brand…

Gina came to me at a point when her brand was no longer a ‘fit’ for all she contributes to the world. And her old website–while attractive and informative–did not concisely convey all Gina has to offer. Basically, she felt her website and brand no longer were fully aligned with her values and purpose.

Being a writer (and copywriter) Gina had a good idea of how she wanted her many services, writings, contributions and offerings to come across verbally to anyone that found her online. She was missing the visual elements that would tie it all together.

Through my branding process, Reflections of You, we were able to hone in on all the important aspects–Values, Personality, Avatar, Ikigai, Archetype, Energies and Big Why– of Gina and her business persona. A new, magical logo revealed itself to spearhead her new brand and the pieces of the website began to fall into place.

The results…

“Working with Veronica was an absolute dream. Artistic, intuitive and an IT whiz, she distilled my vision through her fun and fascinating branding process into a custom website that exceeded my already-high expectations. With her personalized approach and solid skills, I felt like I was in capable hands every step of the way. I’m loving the end result!”

–Gina Mazza, Word Provocateur | Creative Alchemist

Gina’s vision emerged and her brand—and website—are now in alignment with her, her persona and her purpose. It was truly inspirational to work with such a creative, accomplished powerhouse-of-a-woman like Gina. I am honored to provide the visuals along side her magical words. 

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